Meet the team

Eve Haque

Professor Eve Haque is the York Research Chair in Linguistic Diversity and Community Vitality at York University (Canada). She is also co-editor for the TOPIA: A Canadian Journal of Cultural Studies.

Her research and teaching interests include multiculturalism, white settler colonialism and language policy, with a focus on the regulation and representation of racialized im/migrants in white settler societies.

Her current research project is centred on academic freedom, free expression and the harms of language. She has published widely on these topics and is also the author of Multiculturalism within a Bilingual Framework: Language, Race and Belonging in Canada published with University of Toronto Press.

William Cook

William Cook is an independent researcher with a PhD in Applied Linguistics from York University focusing on language policy and planning. His research explores inclusion and exclusion through everyday language norms in complex and stratified multilingual societies such as those found in the Arab Gulf region. 

Laura McKinley

Laura McKinley is a Ph.D. candidate in Social and Political Thought and an Education Developer at York University. Laura’s doctoral research examines the relationship between multiculturalist white supremacy, public memory, place and property enfolded in the National Parks at Canada150. Her work has been published in the Canadian Journal for New Scholars in Education and TOPIA.

Stephanie Latella

Stephanie Latella is a PhD Candidate in Social and Political Thought at York University. Her research is situated in white settler colonial studies and queer of colour critique, with a focus on the politics of nationalism in Québec and Canada. Her doctoral dissertation explores how the October Crisis of 1970 is remembered in Québec’s national imaginary. Stephanie is an Associate of the Robarts Centre for Canadian Studies and teaches at York’s School of Gender, Feminist and Women’s Studies. 

Mandy Lau

Mandy Lau is a PhD candidate in Linguistics and Applied Linguistics at York University. She is broadly interested in language policy and language ideology within digital culture and AI. Her dissertation explores content moderation policies and hate speech on social media. 

Patrick Teed

Patrick Teed is a PhD Candidate in the Social and Political Thought Programme at York University. Broadly speaking, his research examines Black critical theory, abolitionist politics, and critical historiographies of racial slavery. He has available and forthcoming publications with differences, New Centennial Review, TOPIA, rhizomes, Cultural Studies, and Lateral. He is also guest editing a special issue for TOPIA on the politics of care and cure. 


Sophia (she/her) is a fourth-year PhD candidate in Socio-Legal studies. Her research broadly focuses on Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion policies across Canadian universities and racial governmentality. 

Yvette Hacks

Yvette Hacks is a third-year PhD student in Communication Studies, an up and coming blogger, and a professional Axe Grinder.