Online safety

Some recommended resources to protect your online privacy and safety.

OnlineSOS * Find checklists to help you assess your threats, determine a safety plan, and respond to various types of online harassment.

Faculty First Responders * Find prevention tips, preparation considerations, and response strategies geared towards higher education workers at risk of right-wing attacks.

Access Now: Digital Security Helpline – Self-doxing guide * A guide to explore open source intelligence on yourself to mitigate the risks of doxing and blackmail.

Trollbusters digital hygiene lessons * Find a series of 5-10 minute lessons to increase your online security.

Privacy Guides * Learn about why your privacy matters, potential threats, threat modelling and strategies to protect your privacy.

Crash Override * Find C.O.A.C.H., an automated cybersecurity helper to guide you through online safety measures, among other general security resources.

Surveillance Self-Defence by Electronic Frontier Foundation * Learn about protecting yourself from online spying. Find suggested tools to keep your online activities private and secure.